About Us caters to watch enthusiasts, collectors and traders to offer a 1-stop resource to buy, sell, trade and service fine swiss luxury watches. Passion drives who we are and what we

do and we love all things watches. Our best customer is a collector who appreciates our highly personalized relationship-centric approach.

We leverage our 20 years’ experience as a trailblazer and pioneer in the online pre owned
luxury watch space to ensure an amazing experience for our customers. Passion Drives who we
are and what we do.

When I reference ‘We’, of course I’m talking about myself, founder and visionary online watch
genius (also legend in my own mind) OJ Whatley along with my trusted and loyal steed, my
right hand and main man, Oscar Galban.
Prior to joining the SecondTime team, Oscar was part of the world famous, an
pioneer in the high end tobacco/vaping supplies and accessories industry. Oscar is responsible 
for bringing our watches to life. He is solely responsible for putting together the most engaging 
and gorgeous photos and videos which can be viewed on our website or via our social media
 channels on Facebook and Instagram. I couldn’t do much without Oscar; he is the media 
genius behind everything you see, watch, read or listen to on SecondTime!
Another member of our team is Chase Gaiefsky, a long-time protégé of OJ Whatley and
passionate watch enthusiast. In addition to his work as Nonprofit Director
& Professor at NSU Florida, Chase has spent 5-years selling high-end watches, parts ,and accessories.
Chase is tasked with spearheading acquisition and sales campaigns for SecondTime

We are committed to building and maintaining great relationships with watch collectors
and traders where we can provide value, advice and win-win dealings If you are
passionate about watches and are looking for someone to serve as your Guru, Watch
Sherpa and trusted watch advisor, not just on 1 deal, but for life, contact us and let's talk

If you are looking to buy, sell, trade or service a luxury swiss timepiece, please contact us anytime.